Monday, September 1, 2008

So much to do so little time.

I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment so I need to look at getting myself underwhelmed.
1st off the weather has let me down with little (.04mm) rain falling, but some still being predicted for mind week.
Spring being spring there is lots of soil prep, weeding, watering, mulching and planting to do, plus I'm trying to clean up other areas of the garden that I have let fall into neglect.
I collected seed from a Passionfruit I bought a few days ago so they will need to be planted.

Seedlings of Lettuce (iceberg, see the cute little fella an the left) and Cabbage (sugarloaf) have been planted.
I divided two Globe Artichokes into four a month ago and they are going well.
My Rhubarb is starting to form leaf. I can taste Apple and Rhubarb pie already.
What else is there. Arr yes, turning soil/preparing small area for sweet corn which I'll plant from seed in about three weeks. The second sowing will go in where my Broad beans are at the moment.

Earlier sowing of lettuce.

I'm also going to try growing climbing beans in with the corn this year so I'm looking forward to trying that.
Rocket, spring onions and spinach I planted direct by seed 3/4 weeks ago are growing well as is the beetroot which will need follow up plantings some time this week.

I gave seven lettuce to my wife to take to work (Myre) with her and they were all gone within a matter minutes.

Spring onions, spinach, garlic chives and Cauliflower I picked will make it to dinner tonight.

Here are some Cabbage seedlings planted about 4wks apart as part of my continuous cropping plan. The two on the left I planted today, the tow in the middle I will plant in 2/3 wks and I'll need to plant 2 more seeds to keep the whole thing rolling.
I find it really hard to plant just two of things. I'd rather plant a hundred and have a good old go. Maybe I have a repressed farmer inside me somewhere.

Here are some about seven weeks old.

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