Thursday, October 30, 2008

Climbing beans

Ok here we go getting ready for planting the climbing beans. I've got two varieties of CB first is Red Scarlet bean that I picked up from the local hardware and the second is the Lazy Housewife bean that I ordered from diggers.
I've never grown climbing beans before having always planted bush beans so this is new and exciting for me.
You can't pick it up very well but between the two coppers logs there is a light 100 mm wire mesh.
I made this earlier this year and planted sweet peas after adding dolomite and some aged horse manure to the soil.

I pulled the sweet peas out yesterday and today I added two buckets each of compost and aged horse manure.

Then it was a matter of turning it through the soil and giving it a through watering.

I'll let it settle overnight and tomorrow I'll plant my beans.

Here are some of my magic bean mix just sprouting


greenfumb said...

Hi Stewart

when you say Red Scarlet, do you mean scarlet runner beans. We had a huge S.R. bean fence when we were kids, it was the divide between our vege garden and next doors so we shared the crop. My question is though don't they need a colder climate than Toowoomba or Sydney? I would love to grow them but thought it would be too hot.

greenfumb said...

PS Glad you're feeling better :-)

Peggy said...

Thats a formidable climbing frame for the beans!

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb.
Yes they are scarlet runner beans.
As for to hot here or Sydney I'll know more in 6 months but a reliable source ie Peter Cundall, suggest they need cool nights for the flowers to set pods, going on to say they are unsuitable for the warm tropics. So from that I'm guessing that leaves us in.
If you have the space I'd try a couple and see what happens.
Hi Peggy,
you're right they aren't going anywhere in a hurry but, i had them left over from another project and so in they went.

greenfumb said...

Yes I will give them a go, I bought some seeds from Eden last year but chickened out of putting them in. If it doesn't work this time I will try a bit earlier next year. It is already very hot here, sometimes well over 30 today I think.