Friday, November 7, 2008


Nobody likes me, nobody wants me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.


daisymum7 said...

Oh Stewart you do make me smile. I think you might be right maybe it is the heat I just feel so unmotivated.!!

mind you I did manage to blood and bone the garden it looks okay but not lush like everyone elses pcitures so I am thinking I shouoldhave put some more manure etc into it before I planted again. So I figured a good feed of blood and bone adn the promised rian tonight and things might pick up a bit.

is it too late to put more potatoes in down here??? I have some more typres and I ahve a whole bag of potatoes that someone gave me that hae all started to shoot so I figured it didn't cost me antyhing might give it a go. Will the humidity do them any damage??


wildside said...

Oh! LOL! Stewart! Thank you!

One of my favorite songs to sing!

(Drives others nuts! But still sing it gleefully I do! Been doing it for years now. So grateful for having been introduced.)

Stewart said...

daisymum7 Re Potatoes:
Hi sorry for the delay in replying, weekends find me either in the Taxi at night or sleeping all day.
Anyhow Potatoes generally don't like a lot of heat during their growing period therefore planting down your way right now would not be such a great idea.
Now, having said that, if you have the time, space and enthusiasm then by all means have a go.
As your potatoes are ready to be planted then you have nothing to lose by having a go.
If they do grow well and then for one reason or another start looking crook then dig them up and get them out of the ground so as to help keep the soil free from bugs and diseases.
The best time for you to plant a second crop of spuds would be around the second half of February.
If we happen to get a wet season then you might wait till mid March.
Hope this helps