Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a

Da da. A Cottage digging fork for all those in between jobs.

I've wanted one of these since I can remember so this year I Santa fails to surprise me I'm off to get me one the very next day.

A small lightweight fork designed for digging and cultivating. Easy to handle size makes this fork great for working around crowded planting beds. Short handle for close work.

  • Fully forged head made from high carbon Australian steel
  • Tines roll forged from a single piece of steel, ensuring a stronger steel structure
  • Tang and ferrule construction with polished, squared socket for additional strength
  • Tapered square tines with 40mm spacing
  • Factory-sharpened, diamond-shaped points
  • Lacquer-sealed, premium Australian hardwood handle prevents splintering
  • Polypropylene dee grip for comfort

Cyclone Garden Tools

Perfect gardens start with Cyclone


Cabbage Heart said...

LOL....Good on u Stewart!!!! I guess its a useful, wanted gift isnt it? Love the attitude.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm getting too!