Friday, January 16, 2009

Highly recommended #3 Violet Queen Bush Beans

Violet Queen Bush Beans from Digger's seeds I planted in late November.

What I like is to eat beans raw straight from the bush, but sometimes find them a bit strong or green if you like (only a guess, but probably from the Chlorophyll).

So after doing a taste test today on the Violet Queen Bush Beans that were ready, I found them quite easy to eat without them becoming overpowering or too green for the want of a better expression.

Is anybody else growing Violet Queen Bush Beans and what do you think of the taste?

Btw, Violet Queen Bush Beans are very easy to grow and I would highly recommend them just for that, but I recommend them just for the eating which is why we are growing them after all.

As always I like hearing from you all and all comments are welcome.
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Cabbage Heart said...

hey Stewart, I haven't grown them before but old mate next door does and they are divine. He gave me a handful a few days ago to try and they didnt even make it to the kitchen to blanche for dinner. I found them very buttery to the taste when raw, very unusal after taste, pleasant though. I will be putting them on the seed list next time.

Stewart said...

Hi CH, thanks for the feedback, glad you like them.

Anonymous said...

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