Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tomato heaven

I'm lovin' this. 800 grams of Tomato heaven in two Tomato's.

Downside of getting rain after a dry spell is having your Tomato's split their skin, but hey, if that's as bad as things get then bring it on. I can always make Tomato jam or Tomato sauce or, you know, etc, etc.

Click on the photo if you want to look at even bigger Tomato's.

I just added the Parsley seed packet for a size reference.

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JGH said...

My gosh I had to click over from Blotanical and see who could possibly have tomatos this big in January. Then I saw that you are in Australia! Enjoy your beautiful harvest

Stewart said...

Hi JGH, yes that's beautiful sunny Queensland.
Thanks for dropping by.

Peggy said...

My tomato seeds have just gone in, ,the first ones put in 2 weeks are up so I will be hoping for a good harvest too.These are monsters!

Stewart said...

Hi Peggy, Good luck with your Tomato's, I hope all goes well for you.