Friday, January 16, 2009

Worlds biggest Tomato, well not really. Update

The Worlds biggest Tomato, well not really.

Clicking on the photos will give you a bigger picture if you want.

Is now lunch.

The big one in the middle will be lunch.

All sliced and ready to go.

Now in my book there are only two ways to eat a Tomato like this.

Both involve bread, white bread, I grew up on the stuff so anything else just spoils the taste.

One involves cooked silverside and the other involves ham, any kind, sliced, pressed, off the bone, dosen't matter.

First is fresh white bread, silverside, 'the Tomato' and cucumber, I usually have beetroot and lettuce but I wanted to enjoy the taste of 'the Tomato' without too much distraction. Bit off salt and pepper.

Verdict, terrific, damn terific.

The second way to enjoy a Tomato like this is toasted, again with fresh white bread, cheese and ham, in this case just sliced ham 'cause that was all there was left in the fridge.

Butter the outside of the bread, sit it in a frying pan, just hot enough to toast the bread, cook till golden brown and the cheese has melted

Verdict, Heaven, If heavens got food like this I want to go to heaven.

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Deb Halls said...

My mouth is watering. I'll go one of the toasty's thanks.

Daphne said...

I love the look of that tomato. I can only dream of tomatoes here. We are locked in snow. My icicles are over four feet long now.

Cathode said...

Is that a Beefsteak tomatoe?

Stewart said...

Hi Cath, yes, kinda, beefsteak( from being an actual variety is also the name of a group of tomatoes. Mine was Mortgage Lifter which was a lot of fun to grow and has an interisting history(