Thursday, June 18, 2009

But wait there's more

Hang on a minuite, it must be Wednesday somewhere in the world.

Some more of the Wednesday walk through.

First up is the white Italian garlic bed with the purple podded peas at the back.

Very happy with the progress here.

Click on the photos if you want to see a bigger photo.

Some people think they are cute but, as you can see in the photos below, the trouble I have to go to to grow a few lettuce, (not to mention having all my carrot tops eaten off) I hate them.

These are the drunken women lettuce I've been growing for a while now.

The aforementioned possum has had more enjoyment from them than I have. Bloody, bloody bloody........bloody possums.

These are my Red Iceberg lettuce which I am especially proud of.

The possum got a few munches on them but I've had the rest and it's a great little lettuce for sandwiches.

Beetroot and some more lettuce which the possum hasn't found yet for some reason.

Climbing snow peas in flower.

I'm growing about 6 plants in 3 week intervals so I can hopefully have a continuous supply of snow peas until it gets too hot for them.

So far so good.

An eclectic collection of brassicas which includes red cabbage, kohlrabi, Cauliflower, 'Violet Sicilian' and Broccoli, 'Romanesco'. I think there is a normal drumhead cabbage in there as well as a normal Broccoli.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening,



Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Maybe if you put some bread out for the possums they could have lettuce sandwiches - only joking, I don't like possums either. In NZ they are regarded as noxious pests, there are more possums than sheep!!! Your garden sure is looking good, you must be looking forward to eating some of the crops.

greenfumb said...

I agree Stewart they are a monumental pest, I was quite shocked when I moved to Oz and discovered that they were considered to be desirable. They ate ALL my passionfruit this year and have had a pretty good go at my parsley as well.

Cathode said...

Come now Stewart ... any Italian will tell you that purple garlic is the ONLY garlic : )

How do you control cabbage moth on your brassica's?

tina said...

They are cute, but I'm with you, destructive and hungry little varmits are not welcomed in my garden no matter how cute they are. I have this issue with chipmunks. I am always happy when the cat gets one. Maybe you need a big dog??

Stewart said...

Hi Cathode, I think I've got the purple garlic covered with the hardneck variety Purple Monaro.

I use Yates Success. It is very effective, I only hope it is enviro friendly as they say!

Info below is from their web site.

# Low toxic formulation.
# Contains spinosad, which is derived from naturally occurring beneficial soil bacteria.
# Spinosad has translaminar movement, which means it moves into the leaf, making the active resistant to rain and sunlight once the spray has dried.
# Spinosad is effective through both contact and stomach action where the pest is killed via spraying directly or where they ingest the plants foliage that has been sprayed.

Hi tina,
I like the way you think.

Stewart said...

Hi pip, absolutely salivating :)

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, I think eating all your passionfruit is a declaration of war isn't it?

Susie said...

Hi Stewart, I tried growing snow peas this spring but they didn't perform. I hope you are able to harvest a lot.

Deb Halls said...

I could lend you Rupert. I reckon he'd be a good possum chaser.