Monday, June 22, 2009

The sky is crying.

It's been three days of drizzle and light rain here so there's not much veggie gardening going on.

About 10mls worth or rain so far.

But after three days of drizzle and light rain I get a bit stir crazy and need some good blues to calm me down and here is some of the best.


greenfumb said...

Glad you are enjoying your rain, we are sick of it here. I don't mind doing stuff in the rain but the laundry is giving me a nervous breakdown.
I love that song but I always like the George Thorogood version myself.

Daphne said...

I'm with greenfumb, I'm really sick of the cloudy weather. I think we have had about three inches of rain in the last week and are getting more in the next few days. I want to see the sun. We have had cloudy weather for more than a week and it is predicted to keep up at least a few more days. The lack of light is giving me SAD in the summer.

Kendall said...

I'm green with envy about the rain. We live half an hour south west of Rockhampton and haven't seem proper rain for 4 months. Rocky has had rain but not us. I watched clouds over the last few days begging them to rain on our place. All we got was a piddly one-and-a-quarter-mils. *sigh*
Love the blog and reading about the garden though! :o)

Rosey Pollen said...

Rain , rain go away , come again another day.
Thanks for sharing that song! Like it!

Susie said...

Oh how I would love three days of drizzle/light rain. Could you please send it to me?!?!?

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, Everytime I listen to a game of footy being played in Sydney it seems to be raining. How are your dams going? Are they filling up? Glad you like the song. George Thorogood you say, I'll have to look that one up.
Thanks, Stewart

Stewart said...

Hi Daphne, You seem to be getting it a lot worse than I am so I can only imagine you frustration, makes my 3 days look like a walk in the park.
What'S SAD? I've heard of it but can't recall what it is.
Wishing you some sunshine (maybe you can borrow some of Susie's, see above)

Stewart said...

Hi Kendall,
that's what it's been like here for years and it's still not much better. For the 12mls of rain we got just 40 min east they got 80mls, ! hr the way the crow flies SE. to Springbrook, 194mls, go figure, I know it can be infuriatingly frustrating though.
Cheers and better luck with the next lot of rain.

Stewart said...

Hi Rosey, thanks its gone for now then it is supposed to come again on Friday Saturday and then it will turn really cold again. Argggh winter, you either love it or hate it, but it sure makes you appreciate a nice day.

Stewart said...

Hi Susie, a bit dry out your way I gather, is that normal or are you in a dry spell?