Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just when I thought it was safe to go to the mail box

Just when I thought it was safe to go to the mail box, uni send me more study material.

Mathematics teriary preparation level A (anything but level A.) If I wasn't in a panic before, then I am now.

I start Friday at 9.00am. I'm oscillating between sheer terror and pure excitement.

Once I get through day 1 I'll settle down a bit. (I hope)


greenfumb said...

Good Luck Stewart,

you'll love it when you get into it and it's fun to meet lots of different people. deb

Jacqui said...

Good on you Stewart! I'd be terrified too if I got maths in the mail :) I'm with Deb, you'll love it once you settle in and I hope we'll still get some of your time. I love that purple rose - I'm going to order one as soon as I can. My grandma had a Blue Moon but this one is magnificent. Bit of a purple theme going on actually with those caulis too. Hope you're getting plenty of eggs now. Have the big whites started yet?

Stewart said...

Thanks greenfumb, I thumbed(pun intended) through the maths last night and I am thinking I will enjoy it. I always hated not knowing/understanding it when I was at school.

Hi Jacqui, Re purple, there is a bit of a purple thing going on, did I mention I'm waiting for my purple asparagus to arrive as well.
I agree with you on the Blue moon rose it sure is a beauty as well and as for the eggs we are up to 5 a day now, so I only have to light sussex left to start laying now :)

nevyn said...

Good luck with the studying Stewart. You're a braver person than me.

Maths, ugh! I hare maths, you're braver than you know :-)

That rose is beautiful. I love purple.