Monday, August 17, 2009

12 inches or 30 cm's

One of my 'Violet Sicilian', Cauliflowers I picked very slowly (cause that's how I do things atm).

It's probably a good 11 inches across at least and yummy as.

I also saw a recipe on the Better Homes and Gardens TV show on Friday night for Mustard pickles so I'll probably use one of these guys in that too.

It uses 1/4 cup of dark rum in the ingredients which has me eager to try it (the recipe that is, oh ok and the rum), because there just might be some left over for which I'll have to find a use for, hic!

Anyhow enough distraction, Assignment 2 Part A Task 2 is still waiting.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi there, impressive size on that cauliflower and lovely colour!I'm back on solid ground again and this morning I'm enjoying 'walks' in all the bloggers gardens, truely wonderful. Soon I'm going to clear up my garden that has run wild during my absence.

Take care/ Tyra

Stewart said...

Hi Tyra, It's the first time I've grown them but they were dead easy and I'll be giving them another go next year. I always find a garden an interesting place when they have been let go a bit, you never know what you'll find.