Monday, September 7, 2009

B is for Birthday, P for planting and H for hope.

B is also for Bugger, bastard, bum, bitch, bloody, bloody, bugger and bum.

But no matter how much I stomp about,

No matter how much I curse and fuss,

No matter how much I wish today would miss the bus
or that tomorrow will be to late,

It ain't gonna change that today I turn 48.

P for planting. I got around to planting the purple A for asparagus this morning and some Beefsteak tomatos. As the soil has been previously prepared for other crops it was just a matter of adding some compost and cow manure and planting straight away.

H is for hoping like heck the two Isa brown hens, Bill and Ben, don't fly the coop and dig them all up.

H is also for Hot-dog. I love hot-dogs and as I am home 'all', alone today for my birthday I'm now going to take myself off to make a hot dog with cheese and fried onion as a present to myself. And unlike the modern version of a hot dog I'll toast and butter the roll as well.

Fare thee well my fellow bloggers and have a nice day

bfn Stewart.

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Scarecrow said...

Ha! Only 48...when you turn 50 you can start counting backwards!

Happy Birthday!

greenfumb said...

Happy Birthday. I'm not far behind you and not looking forward to it either.

Hope you enjoyed your hot dog.

Tully said...

A big happy birthday from over here too Stewart!

naturewitch said...

Happy birthday, Stewart! Hope that hot dog tasted fantastic. 48 is my next birthday, too. xx

Rosey Pollen said...

Happy Birthday to you!
That's a nice way to celebrate, with a hot dog smothered with cheese!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

48, you're only young still. Those B words could also come in handy for the chickens as well. Have you tried clipping their wings?

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Stewart,you are only a lad!A hot dog full of colesterol should only be enjoyed on special birthdays!

Jacqui said...

Happy Birthday Stewart! I love the sneaky birthday snack you have planned. Enjoy! As to 48 and growing older in general - I think it sucks frankly. Keep the wisdom - I want to do a cart wheel again and when I stupidly tried a while back I nearly put my back out. Damn!!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Happy birthday stewart. ~bangchik

Chris said...

Only 2 more years and you can have the big 5-0 birthday party too!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. The way I feel better about an impending birthday, is to look a decade ahead. So then I can say, at least I'm not THAT old, LOL.

Insurance policy is, there's always another decade ahead to distract me, ;)

Happy birthday!!