Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fennel recipe

I can't remember who asked for it but on a blog somewhere someone was harvesting their fennel and asked for fennel recipes.

So I thought they might like this one. Steamed coral trout with pickled fennel from Gourmet Traveller

Hope whoever it was swings by this way and finds the recipe.


Tricia said...

I read that to? Who was it...? I think it was Julie of Towards Sustainability on facebook? Or maybe i'm weay off track.

Pickled fennel....thats worth a try.

Linda said...

I tried one last week.

Pip said...

Ooh, I love fennel. When to start fennel seeds in Toowoomba? It's a cool weather crop isn't it?

Stewart said...

Hi Pip, I grow mine from seed direct sown in mid spring to mid summer!