Monday, October 19, 2009

Fine and dry

Fine and dry. Fine and dry. Fine and dry. That's been the same forecast for Toowoomba since mid June and the same forecast for the up coming week.

My rain water tank is three quarters empty and we are still on level 5 water restrictions which means no watering allowed.

The only decisions I have left to make now are what lives and what dies.

Oh, did I mention happy gardening.
Bfn Stewart


Rosey Pollen said...

I will be wishing for a big rainstorm for you. :)well, not too big.

Rolley said...

Yep, I'm over it too.. damn this dry weather! I want rain and storms, its been around 200 days since we've had over 10mm!!!!! Insane.

Um, remember how I was boasting about my tomatoes yesterday? WELL.. (hah.. yeah.) well.. they took a hit from the tomato grubs, first time I've had a problem with tomato grubs, first time I've grown this variety I suppose. So yeah, most of my baby tomatoes were drilled!! That'll teach me to be a smart arse hey hehe.. ; )

Have a good one! :D

Daniel said...

Same pain here, even using grey water we don't have enough and there is no decent rain expected before the end of November.

I wish food gardens were exempt from water restrictions, or at least the restrictions were more relaxed for them.

Olive said...

I feel for you Stewart, and all your local readers. We, in SA had this last year and not quite as severely the year before that. Think of the water tank as quarter full, not 3 quarters empty. I hope you get heaps of rain soon. Where we live we have to catch ALL of our water from the sky, no mains water at all...and we are only 40 mins from the CBD. Then last year we had a heat wave, some days in mid 40's.
The problem Rolley has with the tomato grub is to do with weather conditions. The year before last we had them but not the last tomato season when all the fruit cooked on the vines.
It can only get better.

greenfumb said...

What a shame I can't run a pipe from mine to yours, my tank is overflowing.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.

Jacqui said...

I remember last summer when the tank was nearly empty and watching the sky everyday as rain clouds rolled over us toward Sydney. I think water restrictions on food growing is wrong - what I want is an allocation of water that you can use however you want. Most gardeners I know would rather not shower if they could water the garden.

Stewart said...

Thanks for all your comments, it looks like all your good wishes might finally help it to rain this week.