Monday, October 26, 2009

I went Berko

I went berserk (some say berko) yesterday on the strength of the BoM's prediction of good rainfall this week and planted heaps of seeds.

I planted seeds (direct sowing that is) of carrots, lettuce, cucumber, rock melon, beetroot, corn, bok choy and beans (butter of course).

So as the rain tumbles down I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now and if the BoM, with further predictions of rain ,storms and showers through out the week, has it right then by early next week I should have little baby veggies popping up every where, fingers crossed of course.
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Anonymous said...

I am doing the same, planting and sowing non-stop the last few afternoons. Glorious isn't it!

greenfumb said...

Congratulations, hope all the water tanks are filling up. We've had bucketloads here, several inches I would think, and I've been shoving seeds in every vacant spot. It's so easy when you don't need to worry about watering everything all the time.

Pip said...

How's the tank going Stewart? Mine is full this morning, yay!!

Stewart said...

Hi Pip, Emily and greenfumb, it's all good here. 42 mls of rain and the garden is nice and watered and said tank is as full as a....