Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good news week!!!

Well I suppose I should post some good news after my initial disappointment on Thursday of missing out on some good storm rain.

That evening on Thursday it did eventually turn into some thundery overnight rain, leaving 10mls of rain behind in the gauge. Then on Friday after a brief storm mid afternoon we received some more overnight rain, again in total 10mls.

So for the two days we received a total of 20mls of good soaking rain. It still leaves the sub soil a bit dry so we still need a lot more but at least my tank is full and I can get a few days off from watering!

I haven't been down to the community garden yet to see what has sprouted from my seed sowing frenzy but I plan to drop by just after I start work in the Taxi this afternoon. I only planted on Wednesday so I don't expect anything, but then you never know!!

Cheers and happy gardening

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donna said...

It's always nice to get some rain right when you need it. Hope you get a little more. I like your rain/puddle photo. May you see at least one little sprout when you stop by the garden.

belinda said...

I am so happy for you. I know how crushing it can be to plant seeds then never get the rain.

Battening down the hatches down here.. it's a gunna be a hot one.

Kind Regards