Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something I have always wanted to do.

Something I have always wanted to do.

Mount Kosciuszko is 2,228 metres high, and is the highest peak on the Australian mainland

If all the planets align and we hold our faces the right way, work a little harder and save enough money, my sister and I plan to climb/walk as much of Mount Kosciuszko, this time next year, as is Stewart and Debbily possible. And as seeing as she (Debbie, my sister that is) is a gun photographer, I should come back with some awesome photos to share.

The photo is supposed to be of the tippy tippy top of Mount Kosciusko (the place where I plan to yell out "hello world, it's me")

So between now and then I have to cajole a recalcitrant 48 year old body into something that will carry me from point a to point b with some poise and something resembling self pride.

My first goal toward achieving the afore mentioned plan is to walk to the top of North street
View Larger Map where I live. But being as fit as I am I'm going to have to do it one street more than the next one each day I go out (it is all up hill). Therefore, counting yesterday I have walked from home to Stuart street and today it was Stuart st. plus one which equals Peter st (if you follow the map westward until Ruthven st. then, from the corner, count eastward three houses then the one with the red roof is where I live and where I start my walking from) .

And tomorrow is Stuart st. plus Peter st plus one more until I hit the top of the street. When I get to the top and can walk it comfortably I'll let you know where I will walk to next.

Cheers and happy trails



Deb Halls said...

You mean I have to carry my camera gear all the way up there? Can I have a camel or a llama to carry it? A goat maybe? What about a Donkey?

Stewart said...

It's not that far. Or so thy tell me!
Maybe they have a St Bernard dog that could do it.

belinda said...

Good Luck Deb and Stewart,

I hope you get there is style.

Kind Regards

Stewart said...

Thanks Belinda, so do we.

Olive said...

Hi Stewart, the St Bernard sounds the way to go, just make sure it has one of those little kegs filled with brandy tied to its collar !! :)

Deb Halls said...

Put rum in the keg and it's a deal!

Stewart said...

I'll have Tequila baby.