Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Autumn walking

The Summer rain we have enjoyed here in Toowoomba has certainly made it an especially sweet time to go for a good long walk now the Autumn flowers are here.

Gordonia axillaris (renamed Franklinia axillaris, but still known and sold as Gordonia axillaris)

Random Dahlia in an abandon front yard.

Coral vine has been one of my favorites ever since I became interested in gardening.

Rustic. I like fences and posts with random vegetation covering them.

I'm beginning to feel my frustration of not being able to take a half decent photo take over the rational half of my thinking. Because giving the credit card a max out to buy a good camera is becoming very appealing to me right now.

I see Canon have some nice cameras out.
This one looks interesting (PowerShot SX200 IS). And it has full HD movie capacity.

Cheers and Happy Easter,



JGH said...

Everyone I know who has a Canon loves it! (your photos are good, tho!)

Stewart said...

Thanks for the photo compliment. I just know how much better they could be with a decent camera.