Friday, August 6, 2010

612 knit thing

Tmba-Knitters, a lose knit group (yes I know, a bad pun intended) formed under the guidance of knitting, crocheting and crafting guru Robbie Burton and who meet each Tuesday and Saturday morning at the Garden Town Shopping Center eatery area have joined in the fun with 612's ABC close knit.

We have entered and Robbie has started knitting our A4 sized panel. A very nice multicoloured and cabled design.

More info about A Close Knit:

This September, Brisbane Festival is making the city a little more crafty and colourful with A Close Knit - a project which combines two intriguing phenomena.

Yarn bombing is the newest trend in street art; removable graffiti that uses colourful crocheted or knitted creations to brighten up the urban environment.

Crafts such as knitting and crochet were once commonplace life skills. Then the world became more complicated, people became time poor and the purchasing power of department stores delivered products that were much cheaper to buy than make. Besides some stellar fads like puffy paints, macramé and bedazzling, craft fell by the wayside for at least a generation.

Craft is now back in a big way. Gen X is embracing indie crafts like never before. Social knitting has become the arts and crafts-lover's answer to the book club, with city-dwellers meeting up in the same café every week to have a yarn while practicing their drop and purl techniques.

So keep an eye out for some fabulous street art during Brisbane Festival 2010!

Cheers and Happy knitting



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