Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A flower a day for September #7.

Well the elections been decided and I'm a year older. But wiser? Well that remains to be seen.

My Strawberries are in flower so maybe I can give five tips on things to do with your Strawberries right now.  That way I can combine my flowers for September thing with My Veggie Garden thing.

  1. Weed;  should go without saying but you need to keep the weed population down because they will eat up all the goodness from the soil and compete with your Strawbs for water and nutrient and we don't want that now do we?
  2. Watering;  if it's not raining at your place then keeping the soil moist and not letting anymore than the top 20 to 30 mm of topsoil dry out before watering again will keep them growing at a regular pace.  Good uninterrupted,  continuous growth is what we want here.
  3. Mulching;  if you haven't already mulched then right now would be a good time to get out your bale of straw and get busy.  If you don't have any straw then whatever you have on hand will have to do.  I don't particularly like to mulch so thick that watering doesn't get to the soil.  The main thing you're after is enough to slow down the top soil from drying out too quick.  Something around 25mm thick is enough.
  4. Fertilize;  I like to use blood and bone for my Strawbs and now a good time to to whack some on.  You'll also need to apply some potash as well seeing as there isn't any in the blood and bone.  Just the recommended rates on the side or back of the packets is enough.
  5. Compost;  you can put this on at the same time as your fertilizer and work it into the top 20 to 30mm of soil being careful not to disturb the root system too much. They'll love you for it.
Cheers for now and Happy Birthday to me ;)



Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog Stewart. I think I found it through Aussies Living Simply (I'm Herbman there). We share a birthday. Happy birthday to you.

Stewart said...

Hi livingasherby; Happy Birthday. I'll swing around to aussies living simply when I get a chance and look you up. And thanks for loving the blog. Tell me what you like and I'll see if I can do more.