Sunday, November 14, 2010

Said to myself

 About a week ago now I was putting a casserole together and when I went to get the spuds I found them full of plump sprouting eyes and said to myself, 'Self, there just ain't no way you can let this opportunity go by'. So I cut the ends with the eyes off and let them heal for a week until I planted them today. Spuddies for nothing and my chips for free.
I managed a good couple of hours in the veggie garden today with the beans, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes all growing very well.
I must say though that after all our early spring rain it's starting to dry out here a bit though good rain has been forcast for the week ahead.
I'm also sad to say I had a major fail in the lettuce department. Not one of the seeds I planted have come up. I'm perplexed, but suspect I let the soil dry out too much one day, as to why but will plant out again this week with showers and rain being forecast.

Umm, what else? The lucerne seed I planted is getting a go on and I can pinch out a few tops and feed them to the chooks. They don't seem to go mad for it but it's all gone by the days end.
Speaking of bloody chooks, just shoot me if I ever get another bantam. All I seem to do is spend all the warmer months unclucking bantams.I get one fixed and the other one takes it's place. Arrrrgggghhhhh.

That's about if for the veggie garden for now. During the week I hope to plant more lettuce and follow up plantings of radish, carrots and beans. My parsley has gone too seed too so I'll need to plant more of them. I've got heaps of comfrey ready to harvest so there's a fair chance the compost will get a look at as well and then in my spare time I can weed, weed and weed.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening.



Deborah Halls said...

and how was the casserole?

Stewart said...

Delicious, naturally.

Anonymous said...

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