Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taxi Tomato

 Boy o boy o boy, how one thing leads to another.

Regulars will remember me banging on about getting this here potato scoop from 'The Lost Seed' online shop by setting aside one or two dallars a week.
So while the Queen was eating bread and honey the King (that's me) was counting out his money and found out he had saved enough to put in his order for his potato scoop Which he did, me did, I did that is. All well and good you might say but and there's always a but, afore mentioned said King (me again) couldn't help himself (and didn't really want to truth be known) and here's how.

You see while I was at the lost seed web site I started thinking to myself (often a dangerous or expensive thing for me to do ) and began wondering what seeds they had to offer considering I wasn't really after any I felt safe to browse.

Then I though, 'climbing beans' yes I'd like some of them and sought them out and clicked the 'Add to Basket' button.
That was ok but, and there's always a but, the postage for one packet of seeds was $5.20 and again started thinking to myself,'That's not very economical, I wonder what else they have and then I noticed the Lettuce link and again thought to myself, 'Yes I could use some lettuce seeds' and clicked the 'REINE DES'GLACES' button.

Then once more I started thinking, 'In for a penny in for a pound' and hit the 'CAULIFLOWER - EARLY SNOWBALL' button.

Then I stopped thinking and let curiosity take over (damn who's driving this thing) and for some left of field reason wondered if there was a Tomato variety starting with the letter Z which I was happy to find out there isn't, though I have a suspision there is a variety called Zebra but I could be wrong.
Not content with finding out there was no Z varieties I went and had a look at the Bush varieties page and you wouldn't believe it there in all its glory was a variety called 'TAXI'(about half way down the page). 'Bugger' I thought, me being a driver of a Taxi and all, how can I not buy them.
So there you have it. A little bit of thinking and a bit of curiosity and I'm now up four packets of seeds and down $18.20. but in time enriched for the experience.

I got say I'm feeling excited with anticipation to get my hands on the TAXI tomato seeds.

Cheers and happy seed buying,



Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yes, there's a zebra tomato, Diggers have the seed I think :)

Anonymous said...

I grew "Taxi" tomatoes many years ago, and really liked them. It is an open pollenated variety, so you can save seeds knowing that next year's results will be pretty much like this year's. It's also a determinate plant and doesn't need much in the way of support.


Stewart said...

Thanks Caitlyn, I was sure I'd seen them before.
Thanks Helen B, I keen to get them going they sound like a good Tom to grow.

Deborah Halls said...


Nam Star said...

Hello, I love tomatoes especially tomato cultivation of which I am now learning a lot about and recently tried to grow taxi tomatoes in my own back yard, thanks to your great post.