Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back

 I'm back, hope you missed me just a little.. You see my dear old computer just refused to start up for me about two weeks ago and it had to go into the PC Hospital. It seems after four years I'd managed to fill it with all sorts of junk that made it noncooperational.

Besides all that I managed to hurt my back which is fine again now, not that it really mattered because it has rained nearly every day for the last two and a half weeks (I lost count at 210mls and it's still raining) and on top of all that it's the silly season for taxi drivers and my boss has gone away and I've picked up extra hours in the cab as well. So all this means that there has been next to no veggie gardening or walking for that matter but I've only got Christmas eve and New Years Eve left off the silly season and a few quite days here and there so with a little luck and a bit of fine weather I might get some veggie gardening done and maybe a short walk or two. I still want to go to Highfields Falls but it is very wet underfoot.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to you,


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