Sunday, February 20, 2011

My spring onions.

 Not a lot of gardening today. Once it gets over 30 degrees I head for the shade and after that I give the whole thing away. With today topping out at 32 degrees. Mostly watering today with some more Searls 5 in 1 being added to the veggies I didn't get a round to the other day.

My spring onions I planted on Tuesday are up already and in a week or two I'll be transplanting them out into the veggie garden.

This is the progress of the french heirloom iceburg type lettuce 'Reine Des'glaces'. I have four growing and today I applied a side dressing of Searls 5 in 1 (about three hand-fulls for each plant) in order to keep them growing quickly as recommended for lettuce. Fingers crossed so far so good.

An the progress of my 'Taxi' tomato. I transplanted one into the veggie bed proper and I'll keep this one for growing in a pot. It will go for another 2 or 3 weeks in this pot before I pot it up a size. Hopefully between the two plants I will get a healthy crop of nice yellow tomatoes for making jam with.

Well that's it for now, with some luck and kindness from mother nature the weather will cool down some and allow me to get some more seed planted and weedind and composting as well. Defiantly plenty to do at this time of the year.



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