Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cab 11

It's been a roller coaster couple of weeks leaving me pretty tired, so I'm not sure how this will read, here at My Veggie Garden. The main ride has been with the owner of Cab 11 the cab I drive.

About two weeks ago I got a call asking me to drive a few extra days because he was feeling unwell and was getting all sorts of test done so I've been unable to get out and do much in the veggie garden.
In the mean time Gavin (the owner) had to go to St.Andrews Hospital last Thursday for a few more tests so more driving and less gardening.

Come Sunday the 13th I get a phone call from Gavin telling me they have found cancer near where his stomach and small intestine meet and he has to have a major operation to remove it which has since been confirmed and is scheduled for Monday the 21st with at least a four week recovery but I doubt he'll be driving a cab anytime in the near future. Plus there is about six to nine months of chemo and radiation therapy after the opp.
Sucks to be Gavin right now.

So there you have it, apart from the basics of watering and pulling out some of the bigger weeds it's been all work and not much play.

Cheers and beers



Ramsey said...

Hang in there Stewart,
Why not think of a new project and devote the extra overtime $ to achieving it? It may make those extra hours seem more worthwhile.

Keep smiling Mate.

Stewart said...

Yes. There is a nice shinny new motor bike waiting for me.