Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've been thinking. "Hey, What are you laughing at?"

I've been thinking, yes a dangerous think for me to do I know, about the Wilson HTM Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge.

Why or what have I been thinking you may ask? Well I'll let you know.

It all started when I firstly saw the promo literature for this ride and I thought, see there's that thinking thing again, what a good idea, I like to do that, and so it was that I took myself off to their web site for a look see, and was still thinking, though it was starting to hurt a litte by now, the thinking that is, what a good idea.

So the next step for me was to go and check out how much this will cost me (there's always an entry fee) and when I read to myself how much it was going to cost me for this privilege of riding a bike for one hundred k's I nearly fell off my bike, though I really wasn't on it at the time considering I was sitting in a chair in front of my computer but you know what I mean.

Seventy, that's right, seventy hard earned driving a taxi around at night in Toowoomba dollars. Well as you might have guessed I said stuff you Jack that's a bit on the ridiculous side way too much but then I went to work and got me to thinking, again, I'm telling you this thinking will be the end of me. I do get a t-shirt for my trouble and if I put away ten dollars a week (that's a small chips and Coke twice a week I don't need anyhow) between now and then and that will more than cover the costs. It's just when you say seventy all in one go it seems like a lot of money and still seems that way but I guess if you really want to do something then you'll find a way no matter the cost.

So it on your bike for me, I've got six months to get this sad old body into a good enough shape to do a hundred k's on a pushy.

Cheers and happy pushy biking


The trusty steed.


Wild Honey Photography said...

What about sponsorship? Enter a team? Taxi drivers on pushies? Fundraising? Cancer research? Lot's of possibilities.

HAZEL said...

I love Wild Honey's idea...I would sponsor a Taxi drivers on pushies team! I think your back tyre looks a little flat.

Jason said...

A friend of mine from high school, who I never thought would end up doing something physical, keeps pushing me to do a yearly 100km ride here in Adelaide. If you do do it you will inspire others like me to give it ago. If you don't I will blame you for my lack of motivation.

I agree with HAZEL, your back tyre does look flat.

Good luck with the training.

Stewart said...

Yes it is/was, I picked up a builders staple the other day but it's all fixed now.

Stewart said...

Ok then, on your bike Jason, I off for a 15k training ride :)