Friday, April 8, 2011

Onions, onions, na na na

It's all about finishing. I've got at least half a dozen knitting projects started but not finished. Now I have one less. My onion bag knitted with garden twine on 15mm needles.

 Now all I need is some onions

Ooh, look. Here's some I prepared earlier.

Not a very good photo but I saw Peter Cundell plant onions by just laying them in a small trench and then back filling without trying to stand them up and in a day or two they are standing up all by themselves.

Now just water, weed and wait six months and I'll have onions for my bag.

I'll be planting more onions from seed I just wanted to get these in the ground for a good head start on the onion season.



Bangchik said...

Sometime we are being extra nice to plants. Yes, they can many things, lift up by themselves, some can even climb!!

Rolley said...

ah dear, yes, finishing knitting projects is something I've been hopeless at for the last 12 months!

Funny though, I did the same thing on the weekend, Saturday arvo, planted a small bed of onion seedlings. It's good to give em a head start by planting seedlings, usually I'd seed sow in Feb but totally didn't get a chance.

Home grown onions are rad.

Stewart said...

Rolly said, "Home grown onions are rad."
Stewart said, :)

boneygirl said...

That is so hilarious! I totally forgot about this song. My cousins and I loved to sing it as silly as we possibly could. Thanks for "digging" this one up!!