Saturday, May 7, 2011

Honey, It's a gas

Lovin' this.
For years now every now and than as a night driving Taxi operator I'd drive past a house in Friend Street that had a sign up saying fresh Honey for sale. Now being a honey fan I always promised myself to go and check it out the next day and come the next day promptly forget until I drove past the house again at a later date and after giving myself a mental kick up the bum for forgetting made the same promise again and so the cycle continued right up until just the other 'day'.
I've always liked working nights in the cab but lately it has been getting all a bit ho hum, samey even, so when the opportunity came up to drive days I decided to give it a go and after a couple of weeks at driving days a lady hopped in the cab and asked for 12 Friend street and after checking with her that she wanted Friend street and not French street we were on our way.
At this stage the thought of honey was the furthermost thing from my mind seeing as it had been ages since I'd been up or anywhere near Friend street and spotted the honey for sale sign, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I pulled the Taxi into the driveway of 12 Friend street and it turned out to be the same house as the one with the Honey for sale sign.
So not being one to let and opportunity go past I swapped the honey harvester a $5.00 note for a kilo of honey. Happy days.
I was talking to Maxine (the honey harvester who sold me the honey) and she said they got involved through their son who started bee keeping at 15 years of age (I think she said he is 32 now) and that when he grew up he got a job as a interstate truck driver and asked his parents if they would mind them while he was away and now it is a full time hobby for them as well.

I'm in the honey

So Honey in my tummy makes me funny.

Cheers and happy Honey on your crumpets for Mother's Day to you.


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Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Bit of Serendipity there for you Stewart!
And there's nothing like fresh honey! Yum!