Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ruby Lou

Ruby Lou. That's the name of the variety of potato I had mashed with tea tonight. Home grown and freshly dug today of course and tasty as.

The carrots are for the coleslaw tomorrow night.

Well hello Ruby Lou
good-bye heart

And here is the handy Broccoli that I had with Ruby Lou, sadly though I over cooked it somehow.

Mostly weeding in the garden today though I did plant some parsley that I'd grown from seed and some thyme that I struck from cuttings.

Fertilized the Strawbs and put some 5 in 1 around a couple of caulies.

The garlic I planted last weekend has sprouted and seems to be doing fine but and escapee chook made a mess of the shallots I planted.

More rain is predicted for the weekend so it looks like I'll be chasing more weeds around in a fortnights time.

Anyways, cheers and happy gardening.



Missy said...

Great harvest there. Ruby Lou looks a stunner. Glad to here about the garlic. I thought it may be too late to plant but maybe I'll put some in on the weekend.

Stewart said...

Thanks Missy and yeah bung in some Garlic, you've nothing to lose.

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