Sunday, July 24, 2011

Atrocious, abysmal, diabolical.

Atrocious, abysmal, diabolical, appalling and execrable even, (yes I took a peak at a Thesaurus) that's just a few words that I've choosen to describe the weather around these parts latley and the reason (some say excuse) for my poor showing in the veggie garden lately. Throw in a trip to Byron Bay for my nieces 21 st Birthday party giving myself even less time in the veggie garden.
But, I have to say, all that changed today for the better today. I've managed to spend up to six hours outside happily veggie gardening away.
Weeding, mulching, fertilizing, harvesting, planting seeds, just some of the things I was able to achieve today.

On a slightly less brighter note I'd like to vent my frustration on what must be the most health conscious possum going around.

As you can see in the photo the possum has helped itself to some of my coriander along with silverbeet, beetroot leaves, parsley and not to mention the fresh new shoots on my roses.
Anyhow everything precious is now either caged or sprayed with chilli spray so that might slow down his culinary delight but I think I'm stuck with him/her for a while.

That's it for today and as I sit here writing this all is looking for another good go at the veggie garden on Tuesday. It's still pretty cold here over night but I'd like to get some beetroot seeds planted and I might put in a few Tomato seeds in a warm sheltered place to see if I can get an early start on the Tomato season. I've still got plenty of weeding to do plus some soil preparation for the coming Spring, fingers crossed.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening


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