Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wintery veggie garden.

Hey trendsetters how are you all? If this post sounds a bit rambly it's probably because my brain is frozen. We've been getting down to zero here overnight and flat out making 13/14 during the day with a strong westerly blowing. How is it at your place?

I know it gets colder in other parts of the world but that is pushing my limits of comfort and I 'd like to say I've been going like crazy in the veggie garden but I can't. I am hopeful for a nicer day tomorrow and that I can get some work done though.

It's interesting also that at these times of cold in the middle of winter that my Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide. arrived and I've spent most of the week planning my Spring and Summer veggie garden. I've been looking at lettuce, tomatoes, squash, little pumpkins, beans and more. The list just goes on and on and on.

I'll let the  Bureau of Meteorology have the last word :- Toowoomba: Fine. Early frost. Light to moderate SW winds, fresh at times.



P.S. on the bright side when it's this cold the weeds don't get away from you as quick as they do in Summer.


boneygirl said...

That's pretty cold Stewart. I don't think I've ever been in weather below 7°, and that was for a few short hours. How about I send you some warmth--in Texas we're working on 30+ days of 100° weather without a cloud in sight. We're 7" behind in rainfall so far. On the bright side, the mornings are tolerable and Pat and I are able to work in our yard. We'll get out today and send some heat your way!! Take care!

Missy said...

Our catalogue has just arrived too and I'm circling what to order for spring. We've just had a couple of sub-zero mornings here as well, so Spring can't come soon enough for me.

Stewart said...

Hey boneygirl, although we are finally drying out here, I'll send you what rain I can in return for some of that heat you've got. And Missy, I'm with you, bring on spring.