Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peas appease me, let me grow.

Peas appease me, let me grow.

After what has seemed like six  weeks of continuous rain I have a sunny clear day and weeds and ruined Veggie garden everywhere I look. But last week I managed to lift some potatoes and this is the only clear patch of veggie garden and as I have a desperate need to get something growing again I'm going to plant some dwarf peas.

So then, what does it take to grow some peas? Not much really. Their easy peasey...
Add some gyppie and some B&B. Do a little dig.

Some nicely prepared soil with some compost and a bit of blood and bone or any organic fertilizer. I sometimes add some Searle's 5 in 1, and a good dollop of  gypsum. The gypsum has a two fold use as it supplies calcium and Magnesium, to help root growth and the formation of flowers, and also it helps to condition the soil I have around here. If your soil is slightly acidic you can use dolomite for the same effect on the soil while sweetening (raising the alkalinity) the soil. Peas like that more and therefore grow better.

Choose your seeds

Do a little planting..
Follow the destructions on the packet and you can't go wrong really.

Cheers and Peas appease me, let me grow.



farmer_liz said...

I wish it was so simple for me, I have had very poor pea growth so far. I planted them in spring and have had some form of pea growing ever since, but it keeps wilting and not giving me very many peas. Apparently I shouldn't have planted them near the onions. I will keep trying! Will do a pH test next time....

Stewart said...

Sorry to hear that. I'd definitely look at the ph. I'm not much of a believer in companion planting on the plus or minus side though. Don't be afraid to prepare the soil well. I used to think they would grow well in poor soil with average results but once I tried them with a well prepared soil and since then I've never looked back.