Monday, August 20, 2012

Asparagus TLC.

A sparrow grass Tlc.

Last growing seasons left overs. Removed the weeds and trimmed up the dead spears.
 A sprinkling of Searl's 5 in 1 and about 200 grams of Organic Plus fertilizer. If I had compost I'd have added a good bucket full of that as well.
 Mulch it baby. No water it first and then mulch and then water it again.
A week later and 'ta da' Breakfast tomorrow.



If you want some more info on growing Asparagus then Jane Edmanson has gone to a lot of trouble click here

And about a 101 ways to cook with Asparagus at taste


Missy said...

OK. Thank you. I've been missing the step of feeding it. I chopped it back watered and mulched and it sulked for a while then sent up a couple of very scawny shoots. I should have known better, but at least I do now.

Stewart said...

Hi Missy, I also apply fish emulsion every few weeks as well.