Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bikes, Ukuleles and Lettuce.

Mmmm, well I see it's Sunday again. Another week done.

There's been plenty to keep me busy, I had another riding lesson on Monday and was taught a thing called counter steering. Way too hard to explain but very interesting just the same.

Best photo I have.
The rest of the week was taken up with ukulele practice. The Toowoomba Ukulele Group were invited to play a small three song set as a part of a fund raising concert on Saturday the 9th. All the practice seemed to pay off as we went over well with the crowd. I was even roped into an impromptu interview with the host for the day and answered some questions about the group and the ukulele as well. Not the best photo but that was the group on the day with two missing but the addition of Brendon Walmsley (check shirt) the feature artist for the day and all round good guy. And I'm the bearded one on the far left.

Next big thing on the horizon will be my Q Ride test coming up this Sunday (the 17th). I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive. It seems to be taking forever. But if everything goes well by this time next Sunday I should have my motor bike licence and will be chomping at the bit to take my bike out for it's first ride. It's taken from the 17th of Dec 2012 until now the get on the road so that might explain why it feels like it's taking forever.

Cheers for now,


P.S. The weather is cooling off a bit so I've been thinking of planting some lettuce. Fingers crossed we don't get another heat wave.

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