Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bibs and bobs.

Geez Louise, enough already, 32° yesterday and 34° today.  It's a mini heat wave for us Toowoomberites.

Been up early watering all the little seedlings I've planted. Good news is they're all holding up well.

I direct sowed some Great Lakes seeds on Tuesday.  I'm concerned about their soil drying out so I've put a light mulch over them, that I hope they can push through, to help prevent it drying.

Sunflower seeds  I planted for the chooks have sprouted but only 3 out of 12 so far. Quietly confident the rest will sprout though.

Nothing from the water melon seeds I planted at the same time but I still remain hopeful.

I've also sown carrot and bean seeds so I hope they come through this hot weather and I've also managed to get the sweet corn patch prepared and ready for sowing.

That's about it for now, chooks are still laying well though they do back off a bit when the weather gets hot. I've have basil, parsley and peppermint growing in pots all doing well.  Potted on a couple of chillies I started from seed, marjoram and a piece of Apple mint I managed to strike. And some oregano too.

Cheers and tootle-oo


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