Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free Business Cards.

A few weeks ago I was working on one of my you-tube videos and this ad for free business cards kept popping up and so curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the ad to see what the catch was. And I like business cards. Maybe they knew that, are they that good? I don't think I've ever mentioned that to anyone.

Anyhow there wasn't catch that I could find and I designed my card with their easy to use online template and this is what arrived today.

I'd like to say that is the end of the story but as they were throwing super special offers at me I began to feel a little bad at getting a whole bunch of cards for free and so when a coffee cup came up on special I bought one of them.
I thought the free design was cute enough for the side of a mug and having it here in the flesh I admire it even more.

What do you think? Cute or not?

Though the cards were free postage was not but I expected that and the mug was close to seven dollars.

I suppose I should mention who the ad was for after all this. You've probably seen them before,they're all over the web and Facebook.

So for now it's not too good to be true,



1 comment:

John Locke said...

Lovely card looks simple and professional i must design card like this for my small business first i need to update my Ink and Cartridge last month i consumed whole ink for printing just for fun cards.