Monday, July 7, 2014

Golden Midget Watermelon

Planing Ahead

Planning ahead, um, by accident, or sometimes some things just work out?

Four or even five weeks ago now I ordered some Golden Midget watermelon seeds from Riverview Seeds.

Then a couple of days later I was out in the garden with some extra broad bean seeds wondering how or where I could use them.


Then inspiration and perspiration met.

I'd already spread a bag of fairly fresh horse over an area that need some extra preparation for the coming Spring and Summer with no plan for what I was going to p;ant and grow there.

I roughly turned the manure over into the soil, added a bucket of coffee grounds and bunged the seeds in for a green manure crop.

It didn't matter that much if they failed to germinate or not the soil would still be ready for the watermelon seeds in Spring anyway but now I have the benefit of some extra nutrition from the broad beans.

Now I have the perfect spot for planting my Golden Midget watermelon seeds.

Melon ‘Golden Midget’ Watermelon

Miniature, 3 lb. watermelon with a rind that turns golden yellow when ripe.

One of the earliest to mature, with sweet, refreshing, salmon-pink flesh.

 70 days from transplant

Care: Space 3-5′ apart in all directions. Melons need heat and well-drained soil: plant in full sun in raised beds or hills.

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