Monday, September 22, 2014

Organic And I Know It (Sexy And I Know It Parody)

 How could I not put this up?



Freckles The Lettuce Update.

For those of you wondering how Freckles the lettuce is getting on then this is for you.

Planted as seed back on the 26th of the 8th they have since sprouted and grown well

Yesterday I planted them into the veggie garden.

A bucket of compost and a few handfuls of Rooster Booster and sure as the sun rises in the east we're away.
I'll bung a teaspoon (maybe two) of Epsom salts into a watering can of water and give them a drink with that.

The jury seems out as to whether Epsom salts helps or not but it doesn't do any perceivable harm so I consider it worth a go.

Stewart and Freckles the Lettuce.

Any comments are welcome.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


If it all gets  just a little too much from time to time, there's always daisies.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bees, Australia v Italy

My musing on bees.

I made it to my second meeting (it only took me 12 months) of the Southern Beekeepers Association last night and renewed my membership while I was there,
Also I was asked if I had any hives and rather sheepishly I had to admit I didn't and I started thinking that maybe I need to make some sort of comment on my bee future.

As with most things with me it comes down to the bottom line of either, what's practical and makes sense, or, how much does it cost but in this case it's a blend of the two.

Why do I want a bee hive?

Mainly for pollination and I like to have bees in the garden. Because of this I was leaning towards a native bee hive.

During my research however I came across a fairly significant hurdle. Cost! My research found the cost of an established native stingless bee hive ranged between $350 to $495.

It was this cost that has made me swing back to honey bees but another fact I uncovered made honey bees an even more convincing argument in my mind is that honey bees give you honey (yeah I know, who'd have thought, right?). And this in the deal breaker, about 40kg per year of the stuff.

Now 'honey' was never the main aim of having bees either native or European, in my case Italian (I learnt this last night, clever, huh?) but the cost to set up for honey bees is similar if not less than the cost of a native bee hive and with native bees you might get 1kg of honey per year, though I'm told it does tastes pretty good.

So deal done and the winner is Honey Bees by 39kg.

Next Meeting I'll find out what I need to get started and a firm idea of how much it will cost me.



Any comments are welcome.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Much excitement here at MVG. 

Capsicum seed I saved from a bought capsicum that I'd sown on the 24th of last month have sprouted.

So I now know it's easy as to save capsicum seed but I'll have to wait to see what fruit actually gets produced. 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Busy Weekend.

Wow, my first full weekend to myself and a productive and surprising weekend it was.

Productive simply because I managed to get a lot done, obviously.

Mainly maintenance gardening jobs like weeding, spreading and side dressing with compost, applying liquid fertiliser, some pruning and then today I got lots of seed planting done.

Talking about seeds, I watched a short video from Blooming In Brisbane Gardening TV by Claire Bickle who looked at salad greens including sorrel, chicory, rocket, mustard giant red, watercress and kale.

Some of these I don't have so this morning I placed an order with Edan Seeds for Chicory, Fennel Florence - Romanesco, Mustard - Red Splendor and Sorrel. While I was there I also added some Shallots, the red bunching variety which are highly coloured at all ages and a packet of Helchrysum, Tom Thumb Mixed for the bees.

Still on seeds I went mad planting this morning including, 
Eggplant, take two (first sowing failed to proceed)
Red Square,
and Rosa Bianca.

Carrot - baby, Cabbage - red, Lettuce - Great Lakes, Tomato - keepsake, Zinnia and Cosmos,
Lemon basil, Lemon cucumber, More borage, Cosmos Bright lights,
Pumpkin, Leek and Watermelon.

That took care of most of today and this afternoon I went to a get together for the Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie Growers group.
And surprising simply because we received and unexpected nine mils of rain on Saturday night.

Not much else, bunged a few spuds into the ground, planted a couple of lettuce and a few Chinese cabbage.

Just have to sit back now and watch it all grow.