Saturday, April 6, 2013

Highfields Falls

Right, here's the post as promised.

After months of trying to get all my ducks in a row it finally happened.
  • The I have a motorbike duck
  • The I have a licence to ride the motorbike duck 
  • The I have a day off duck
  • The it's not raining duck
  • And the I don't feel too tired duck, all lined up and I was off to find The Highfields Falls which up until a few years ago were unheard of to me but once I'd found out about their existence I was determined to find them even if they were only 10 minutes to the North of me.

And this little booklet I picked up from the Tourism place here in Toowoomba is how I found out about the Falls. There's 52 mostly short day walks listed in the book and at this stage I plan to do each one and report back here.

I've already done several before I bought the book but I plan to do them again.

Sweet, aren't they?

Now, the Falls, like I said are only ten minutes North of me here but I did have to have two goes at finding them. Being a bloke I'm not supposed to need a map or directions so I left the book at home and went looking and while I could hear them I wasn't game to venture any further without directions. So, back on the bike and head home to get the book I goes and the second time with a decent set of instructions I found them easy peasy.

 There is three tiers to the falls the first and the third are small with this, the second, being the largest. At a rough guess I say twenty/thirty feet or so.
 This boulder was just sitting in the middle of the stream and I can only guess that it was washed there during the wild floods we had in January, 2011.
 By the time I'd finished my walk I counted seven different seed species stuck to my pants and it took a good fifteen minutes to pull them all out and off.

Last but not least the falls from a different angle.

I've planned to ride to Inglewood and Texas and home via Stanthorpe tomorrow (07-04-13) but I'm not sure if the weather gods will be on my side.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Highfields Falls

Just a teaser for my next post, coming soon, to a computer near you.