Friday, August 23, 2013

ABC Vegie Guide app update, update

 I was playing around on my iPhone this morning with my ABC Vegie Guide app and adding some seeds I sown to the My Patch section. Then I noticed they had some very short harvest times so I decided to sent an email in their feedback option (see below) saying as much.

Well blow me down and call me a monkey's uncle but they'd replied with in the next hour (see below, below).
Not that surprising you might say but they added some interesting info about some new inclusions in the upcoming update (see below, below, again).

Cheers, and happy veggie gardening,


-----Original Message-----
From: Stewart Dorman []
Sent: Friday, 23 August 2013 12:37 PM
To: Gardening Australia
Subject: The Vegie Guide: Feedback

Feedback on version 1.0.1.

I love your app and use it all the time so I not trying to give you a hard time but (there's always a but) I been finding some of your harvest times rather optimistic.
I just planted some rocket and lettuce from seed and added them to my Patch and it says the rocket will be ready in 16 days and the lettuce in 28 days.
Anyways just my 2 cents worth

Dear Stewart

Thanks for your feedback and kind words.

The harvest and planting dates have been reviewed in the version of the Guide – to be released very shortly. The next version of the App will include Herbs, Spices and Aromatics – and we hope to include fruit in a later version.

Good luck & happy gardening

The GA Team                          

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sponsor me?

A planting we will go, a planting we will go, Hi-ho the Derry o a planting we will go.

Carrot, Topweight
Beetroot, Crimson Globe
Pak Choy
Chinese Cabbage, Nagaoka F1

Feeling much better by the day now since my operation, going for longer walks, even managed a little digging fork and shovel action today. 

I have to make the most of the time I have though because I've put my hand up to go back to work next week so I won't have as much spare time once I start that. 

I'll tell you what though I could get used to being a full-time backyard veggie grower though. Anybody out there want to sponsor me? I'd only need four or five hundred dollars a week to keep the bills paid and me off the streets.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chook Misadventures

Woke up to a nice, and surprising, 31mm in the rain gauge Sunday morning, went about my business for the day, weeding, planting feeding the chooks (and this is where the problem begins). Had a good day and was feeling pretty good about myself.

Woke up early Monday morning to go up and feed the chooks (chickens) and I can't believe my eyes.
Chooks having and absolute ball scratching up all the good work I'd managed to achive over th last week.
Very nearly chicken soup for dinner and then when I went to put them away I discovered the culprit aiding their escape. Me, yep good ol' me hadn't tied up the gate to the chook pen and the wind overnight had blown the gates and allowed the chooks to escape.

It's all a game of snakes and ladders sometimes but I'll just have keep rolling the dice until I land on another ladder.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Fresh Eggs Daily blog

Still no eggs
I found this great post on Fresh Eggs Daily blog yesterday about adding fresh and dried herbs to your chooks feed, via Pinterest, and found it interesting and informative so I'm posting it here to share the tips they have.

I have herbs growing wild here and there is always an abundance so it only seems fair to share them with my chooks.

Although the weather is very Spring like here at the moment they still haven't started to lay. With a bit of luck this might get them going.

Cheers and hope you enjoy,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomato cuttings.

I do this every year. I usually pinch my lateral shoots out early when they are small but I'll let one grow to about six or seven inches long and Bobs your uncle you have a new tomato plant.

 I buy one tomato plant and then every three or four weeks I plant a cutting and I've got tomatoes all season. And it's as easy as it looks. I even just stick the cutting straight into the ground where I want it to grow.

Big thanks to Mr. Brown Thumb for making this video and he also has an excellent blog you might want to visit by clicking this link. Mr Brown Thumb's blog link.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Just a photo I liked and I really wanted to Pin It to my Pinterest and seeing as it was posted on facebook (you can't pin from facebook for some reason) the only way I could think of to get it Pinned was to upload it to my blog.

If you're interested this is a link to my Pinterest page