Sunday, September 30, 2012

1/2 a mm

Well now what can I say, after the massive downpour we had last night of 1/2 a mm it looks like I'll be getting up early to do some watering.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I managed to squirrel an afternoon off

Some light rain's been forecast for around these parts so seeing as I managed to squirrel an afternoon off, thanks to a very nice paying taxi job, and that I also like to plant seeds before rain, I set to it.

In went a row of beetroot seeds plus I seeded up a punnet of rocket as well.

I also have some Leek seedlings planted that had reached the stage where they needed to be planted out as well.

Everything else is going well though, I'm getting some nice asparagus and I'm also harvesting lettuce, spring onions and spinach from earlier plantings. My broad beans have been flowering profusely and are now setting pods (broad bean risotto here I come).

I also planted some parsnip seeds about three weeks ago, for the first time ever, and I'm proud to say they have sprouted into a nice row of little parsnip seedlings.

I'll have to start planting some beans, cucumber and corn when I next get the chance but for now that's about it.

Cheers and happy Gardening


P.S. There is one other thing but that's going to have to be a surprise for my next post, tomorrow or Tuesday, with some luck.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Springing to it.

 Despite my infrequent posting lately I have been doing as much as I can in the veggie garden.

The cab owner has taken off OS for a month so I've picked some extra shifts which can only mean less veggie time for me.

The Scarlet Cambridge Broad Bean seeds I planted that I received from Scarecrow's Garden are coming nicely. Full of flowers.

 Beetroot seedling  from seed planted 3 weeks ago.
Lettuce, you can never have to much lettuce. Why the wire? Well I have a possum that's thinks the same it would seem, but I'm not in the sharing mood.
 Cabbage are thriving and I'm keeping a vigilant lookout for the dreaded cabbage moth. So far so good.
 Brocolini, simply yum.
What's that? More lettuce.
I also have spring onions growing and have planted some Dwarf bean seeds along with parsnips. Some self sown potatoes, Two Tommy Toe tomatoe plants and leeks that will need replanting next Tuesday.

That's all I can think of for now.
Cheers and happy veggie gardening