Monday, June 29, 2015

Busy day

Busy day in the veggie garden yesterday.

Planted several rows of brown onion seedlings, a row of 'Early Crop Massey' peas seeds as well as some spring onion seedlings.
Also, as you can see in my previous post, I also harvested my Dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke and replanted four more tubers.

I've also been allowed to use some of the neighbours backyard for growing veggies so I plumbed in a new tap that I can use to get water there and then I set about getting a small bed of Broad Beans started.

It's a bit late for Broad Beans and there wasn't much soil prep but I just wanted to get something started.

I plan to grow some of the bigger veggies there like corn, potatoes and pumpkin but it's amazing how quickly you can run out of space.

I'll keep my yard for growing the quick pick veggies like lettuce, peas and beans, and herbs.

Cheers Stewart

P.S. Drizzly rain today so everything's getting a good start.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke

 You might remember me banging on about getting a hold of some Dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke around August last year, well, the results are in.

I went down to Jerry Coleby-Williams open day last year in the hope of getting some dwarf Jerusalem Artichoke from him and I did. Two small tubers of which only one went on to grow.

The above ground growth was small and dwarf as expected and I assumed much the same was happening under ground but to my surprise I was very wrong.
I dug them up today and an area about 45cm square was thick with little and big knobby tubers.

This is far more than I expected so if anyone would like a few knobby tubers to try, let me know.