Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, unlike today that is cold and rainy, was absolutely glorious. Beautiful sunshine with only a light zephyr blowing, a perfect morning to hit the trail at Mt. Kingsthorpe, all 618mts of it. I didn't get a height reading from the start but I'd doubt if the climb was more than 300 mts. The walk itself was only 1040mts. The views, though, are to die for with about a 300 degree views of the surrounding Darling Downs.

This is walk #8 in the local walks guide I've been using. Apart from the steep climb by road to the car park area at the beginning of the walk the grade was fairly easy.

The video is a view from the top looking out over the Darling Downs starting east of south and finishing north of east.

 Me trying to get a little arty.
Looking North West half way up.
 Mt. Gowrie that I'd like to climb but I'm not sure if I'm allowed.

Section of path on the way up. Pretty easy walk.

Anyhow, until next time, cheers.