Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peas appease me, let me grow.

Peas appease me, let me grow.

After what has seemed like six  weeks of continuous rain I have a sunny clear day and weeds and ruined Veggie garden everywhere I look. But last week I managed to lift some potatoes and this is the only clear patch of veggie garden and as I have a desperate need to get something growing again I'm going to plant some dwarf peas.

So then, what does it take to grow some peas? Not much really. Their easy peasey...
Add some gyppie and some B&B. Do a little dig.

Some nicely prepared soil with some compost and a bit of blood and bone or any organic fertilizer. I sometimes add some Searle's 5 in 1, and a good dollop of  gypsum. The gypsum has a two fold use as it supplies calcium and Magnesium, to help root growth and the formation of flowers, and also it helps to condition the soil I have around here. If your soil is slightly acidic you can use dolomite for the same effect on the soil while sweetening (raising the alkalinity) the soil. Peas like that more and therefore grow better.

Choose your seeds

Do a little planting..
Follow the destructions on the packet and you can't go wrong really.

Cheers and Peas appease me, let me grow.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On-site composting apparatus - Osca

Dear Santa, if you're listening, Santa, I may have found my Christmas present for this year. I promise to try very hard to be nice if you can get me one of these. I'll even pretend when I'm out driving my cab that all those people who say Australia is in a terrible state of affairs actually know what they're talking about if you like..

On-site composting apparatus - Osca
Osca is an automated on-site composting apparatus. It is the first of its kind designed and made in Australia.
Osca currently can handle waste streams of up to 1 and 2 tons of waste per week using little more energy than it takes to run a light-bulb. Osca is an aerobic composterer which produces safe high quality compost (meets Australian Standards). Osca is easy to use; waste is continuously loaded in one end and finished compost is ejected from the other end after a period of around two weeks. Osca is silent in operation and odourless.

 You can read all the details here if you like.

Cool huh? Anyone else want one? Maybe we can get a bulk purchase deal ;)



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paint me, please.....

 Go ahead punk, paint me.
You got to start somewhere, am I right? I started this late in 2010 and seems like it has rained ever since but with the promise of some fine weather I set myself a goal to paint a window sill, so if that's the case then mission accomplished.

The next goal is to finish the whole window.

One step at a time for someone like me who is easily overwhelmed.

It's going to take forever though with just a day or two here and there but if I stick with it I hope to have it done by the end of the year.

Lucky for me it's not a big house.

Cheers and happy painting


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Motorcyclist and car, collide.

In light of my recent decision I'd really like it if everyone in the world looked just a little bit harder before they turn the next corner. Thank you.

Cheers and thank-you...