Thursday, September 30, 2010

A flower a day for September #25. a'may'zing

Well what can I say , I've been mega slack and have fallen behind with my 'A flower a day for September' but never fear there's more to come and in my defence I have been working extra shifts at work to make ends meet and during that time I also picked up some strange virus which meant I would fall asleep for hours on end and still wake up tired and fall back to sleep again. Anyhow I seem to be well again (until next time it seems) and plan to finish what I have begun by running 'A flower a day for September' over into October until the thirty days have been completed. Best I can do for now.

These are photos of some amayzing May's.

Here is what The Garden Guru has to say about the May Bush (aka Spiraea)

Spring in Toowoomba, and many other towns around the world I suspect, just would not be the same (obviously, Stewart), um, ok then, Spring in Toowoomba, and many other towns around the world I suspect, just would not be anyway near as enjoyable without the mighty May bush.

I doubt there would be a street anywhere here that didn't have a May bush planted somewhere but in most streets there are many and multiple planting of this lightly perfumes shrub.

 I haven't seen one standardised, have you?

And every spring when the Mat's are in flower you might catch me singing this song by Buddy Holly.

Cheers and I hope your as amayzed az me,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A flower a day for September #24.

 It's been raining and overcast here for nearly the whole week and I haven't been able  to get out and get some good photos. Here is a selection of the ones that landed on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

It's supposed to keep raining into the foreseeable future so I'm just going to have to take my chances when I can and get some more photos.

I'm on the home straight though with less than a week of September left. 



Thursday, September 23, 2010

A flower a day for September. #23

As you know the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is still on here until the end of the weekend so I'm combining a visit to the Quilt show and my Flower a day for September posts by adding photos of Quilts with flowers in/on them. And if you want to be amazed at the  handy work of some people then do yourself a favour and get yourself up there for a look see.

Where is it I hear you ask? It's at St Ursula's hall thingy in Rome st. You can't miss it!!!



A flower a day for September. #22 Wisteria

Just like 'One swallow doesn't make a summer' nor does one Wisteria make a Spring but let me tell you a whole town full of the plant does.

Also the back end of a sadly neglected Scotty

This is my white florabunda Wisteria which, probably due to the unseasonal but very welcome winter rain, has flowered the best it's ever flowered in 17 years.

Just one fine example covering a front fence and half the garden around the corner from us.

Cheers and happy Spring


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A flower a day for September. #21

Ubiquitous and Spring and Jasmine go together like Lamb and Roast and Spring but I feel like I'm giving the word too much of a work out lately by using it too often. So I thought of using synonymous as in "Jasmine and Spring are synonymous with flowers in September".  Which I don't mind and I still like ubiquitous but which ever way I go Spring, September and Jasmine go  hand in hand like peas in a pod!

It doesn't matter where you go in Toowooomba at the moment you'll find this climbing jasmine every where and the scent is divine.

Ooh lucky me I get a fence a gate and Jasmine.

When do we get smellynet?

Cheers and don't forget to stop and smell the Roses and the jasmine,


A flower a day for September. #20 Yesterdaze.

Hi, bye, back later with todaze flower.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A flower a day for September. #19. ABC favorite flower, Gerbera?

 During the week our local Radio station  ran an unofficial poll to find out what we thought is our favorite flower and much to my surprise the Gerbera has it.

The following two paragraphs are from their facebook page.

ABC Southern Queensland  In honour of the upcoming Carnival of Flowers, we unveil the Unofficial Southern Queensland Flower Poll. What's your favourite flower, and why? We'll do a feature on the most popular flowers later this week.

ABC Southern Queensland The Gerbera has it! We tallied up the votes here, and on Twitter, and can safely say the Gerbera can rule, without the support of 3 independents!

This gerbera I photographed is growing out on the footpath just up the road from me. I've had a few goes at getting a small division to grow without success but now with all the great rain we have had I think I'll have another at pinching a few pieces and see how I go again.

This gerbera is growing in our backyard just at the bottom of our back steps and is nearly always flowering and greeting us with it's happiness..

Anyhow mega cheers and happiness


Saturday, September 18, 2010

A flower a day for September. #17/18. Lucospermum

Wikipedia seem to have then summed up pretty well.

I'm speechless, haven't got much to say, so enjoy.

Vibrant yellow, I might have to get one of these for myself.



Friday, September 17, 2010

A flower a day for September. #16. Oops, a day late , again!!

Boy-o-boy am I chuffed with this photo :-)

I learnt something yesterday and all by accident.You see up to 24 hours ago I had never seen this bird before (Blue-faced Honeyeater ) nor did I have a clue what it would be called. Now thanks to modern technology (ie; digital camera, computer, internet and facebook) I can tell you, with a moderate degree of authority that this is a Entomyzon cyanotis but you all knew that anyway, didn't you?

Entomyzon cyanotis (MELIPHAGIDAE) Blue-faced Honeyeater

I also have to thank a few facebook friends who helped me identify this guy/girl and for providing me with the following link,
Entomyzon cyanotis (MELIPHAGIDAE) Blue-faced Honeyeater

As for the shrub he/she's on/in it's a Grevellia hybrid, most probably a 'Robyn Gorden' or 'Superb'.

Cheers and happy honey eaters,


Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a hit.

That's right, It's a hit. Yesterday I put up a quicky post to let you know I'd found this recipe on Peggie's blog and that I'd return with a verdict and the verdict is it's a hit.

I followed the recipe as is except I did use celery and a tin of tomato puree. The celery I used was from the heart of the plant and lots of it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A flower a day for September. #15. Clivia minata

Clivia minata. If you have a dry shady area that you'd like to liven up around Spring time then this is the plant for you.

Tough as old boots these plants will withstand very harsh conditions but then again like most plants they will enjoy and thrive in the better times.

The first three photos are of a cultivar of Clivia minata while last one is the species Clivia minata.

All are growing under Jacaranda trees in the front garden of Toowoomba's St. Vincents Hospital.