Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke

 You might remember me banging on about getting a hold of some Dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke around August last year, well, the results are in.

I went down to Jerry Coleby-Williams open day last year in the hope of getting some dwarf Jerusalem Artichoke from him and I did. Two small tubers of which only one went on to grow.

The above ground growth was small and dwarf as expected and I assumed much the same was happening under ground but to my surprise I was very wrong.
I dug them up today and an area about 45cm square was thick with little and big knobby tubers.

This is far more than I expected so if anyone would like a few knobby tubers to try, let me know.

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Mysterio said...

hi Stewart, I am in sydney and have just stumbled over your blog. i only discovered the dwarf jerusalem artichokes on Jerry's blog last night. As you would be aware they are extremely hard to get hold of! i had a reasonable crop this year from my standard issue ones - thing is that they are such a beast of a plant towering over 2m tall. i am wondering if you would be able to post me a couple of tubers? i would be much appreciative and would wire you over some cash for your trouble. Jerry does not have any spare at the moment apparently.