Monday, September 22, 2008

Another week begins

The beginning of another week and I have beautiful spring morning sunshine along with crisp clear fresh air after storms last night.
I positivity feel alive right now and can hardly wait for things to dry off enough so as I can get stuck into the day.
There's been lots happening in the garden. The cucumbers I planted last Monday have sprouted the chillies have finally all sprouted taking about 10 days from first to last. Very uneven, not sure if this is a chilli trait or just a cold start.
The Pak Choi will need to be planted so I'll need to get onto that job.
We have had a couple of fairly hot days around the 28/29 degree mark and this has prompted the tomato's into action. Even the mortgage lifter has sprouted after their fairly ordinary start to life.
The pink eye and King Edward potatoes are putting on good growth and should be hilled next week.
Today I'll need to mow the grass weed mix excuse for a lawn.
Most of my seedlings in punnets will need another week of growth before I pot them on.
It is looking like a pretty lite week for me, but I'll still be weeding and mulching and keeping an eye on how things are going.
I haven't got a lot of room here, but I saveed some seed from a nice butternut pumpkin and there is a smallish area where I think they might do well so I'll be making that part of today's things to do.
Anyhow lots to do so, cheery bye.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are sprouting all over the place there! WTG!