Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bloody weeds, how they love the rain.

Well you guessed it I've been weeding. They grow like, er, bloody weeds :)

I've had my eye on this variety of tom for a while and being a sometimes impatient gardener I didn't want to wait for seed to germinate so I got a shinny new one from Bunnings.
The Toms flavour is not as strong and less acid and hopefully easier on my tum tum.

Here it is planted in the garden. I buried about 40mm of stem below ground so it can produce a strong advantageous root system (Tomatoes do this very well) and grow into a stronger and healthier plant. I've yet to add mulch, but all in good time.
Soil prep. The Tom was planted into my onion bed which I'd just lifted(see below) with a bucket of compost added. I don't like to give toms too much fertilizer at the start preferring to use a weak Charlie Carp solution at regular intervals to maintain constant but not rampant growth.

Here are the onions I'd lifted this morning. They were going to flower and the stems are quite thick which, to me is all wrong. I think the cause is I planted way to early. I'll look up a couple of books tonignt and see if I can confirm my diagnosis. In the mean time I'll dry them out best I can and use the worst ones as quickly as possible and hope the othere will keep long enough for us to use. We get through a lot of onions here so all should good.
I'm not dissapointed with the results as I've never grown onions before and this was a suck it and see learning experiance.


naturewitch said...

Hi Stewart
Found you through the Crone's blog, so thought I'd drop by. What lovely veges you are growing! I'm a bit envious as our season is only just kicking off. Will drop by again sometime.

Stewart said...

Hi nw thanks for dropping by. I've been to your blog and have enjoyed reading it.

Em said...

Hi Stewart, I found your blog via ALS - your veges look very happy!

It's the first year I've grown onions so I don't really know - but read that if they start to send up a head, to bend/squash the flower stalk over and they'll keep filling. HTH, Cheers, Em

Stewart said...

Thanks for the tip Em. I'll keep it mind for the next crop.
Thanks for dropping by.