Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy as a one armed traffic cop

Well the rain finally arrived leaving about 22mls in the gauge. It was enough to fill the rain water tank again, so I should be good for the next six weeks.

Friday being to wet to work in the garden I was heartened to find all sorts of surprises in the garden.
First up was finding new shoots of my tyre spuds poking through the top soil. I'll post photos when they are a bit more prominent, but definitively pleased to see them.
Next was the carrots I'd planted only 9 days ago. Wow those guys are in a hurry. It usually takes at least two weeks.
Next was the Eggplant I planted in Punnets of which only two of four sprouted.
Lastly but not leastly the Tiny Toms I planted on the 27 Aug have also 100% sprouted.
Every one was rewarded with a weak drink of seasol and are doing very well.

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