Friday, September 19, 2008

Damn fine weather, but

Damn fine weather, but it's fairly warm and humid which is playing havoc with my peas. Cool misty nights and warm humid days are a perfect recipe for powdery mildew which I'll have to attend to.
Here's a photo of my tiny tom tomato's I transplanted today. They only just have their first set of true leaves on so I have put them into pots to grow on before I plant them into the garden proper..
I had a productive morning mulching/weeding and watering. I also planted this seasons first row of beans plus another two foot row of carrots.
The Sweet corn I planted has sprouted and a few more Chilli have come up.
I also planted another two cabbage in my secession planting goal. At the moment I should be able to have cabbage when I want it for the next three months without having any excess or waste.
Cheery bye.

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Anonymous said...

Yep this Tmba weather is crazy at the moment! It came over so cloudy today but we only recieved a quick shower... as usual it went around us.

Keep up the great posts, Emily